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You enter the Quarries of Scred! You have been tasked to collect riches for your cruel task masters. Their carelessness has meant the rafters are unstable. As you walk through the entrance it collapses behind you. You have your pick axe and a little light. You know that Deep to the South.....another exit can be found, but will you live to reach it?

In Quarries of Scred 1982 you are a miner digging for gems while avoiding unstable rocks and fighting ranklers. 

QoS1982 is based off of Quarries of Scred by Noble Kale, and is an imagining of how the game would have looked in 1982.

The game features 100 randomly generated levels, falling rocks, poisonous gasses, gems along with random caves that may contain treasure, Ranklers or your final resting place.

Mod support may be added in future

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Please note this game requires Java to be installed.


Buy Now$2.50 AUD or more

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